Parents in Dorset celebrated the new year by welcoming new arrivals into the world.

Midwives at Dorset County Hospital helped deliver a number of babies in the lead up to New Year’s Day.

Parents Chris Aylott and Jaivia Ellis were given an early surprise, after their son Reuban was born two days early.

Baby Reuban was delivered on Saturday, December 30 and weighed in at seven pounds 14 ounces.

Jaivia’s mother, Mayor of Lyme Regis Cllr Michaela Ellis, said: “We are really proud, he is our first grandchild.”

Baby Ella-Grace Blanning was born three weeks early to the surprise of her parents, and weighed in at seven pounds four ounces.

Baby Ella’s parents, Ashley Blanning and Rachel Lester-Card, explained she was due in mid-January.

Mr Blanning said: “She was three weeks early and was expected on January 20. We never dreamed of having a 2017 baby, so it’s been a bit of a surprise for us.

He added: “She has been quite quiet so far, but I am sure she will make up for that.”

He also thanked the midwives at DCH, who helped to care for his fiancé and said: “The staff have been absolutely brilliant, nothing is too much.”

Ms Lester-Card added: “We had one emergency when I had to have a C section and they were absolutely fantastic. I didn’t have time to think about what was happening.”

Baby Ayaat Aniya was welcomed into the world on New Year’s Eve and was born two weeks prior to her due date.

Her mother, Farzana Ahmed said her two sons, Farhan, aged 12, and Fardin, aged nine, are pleased to have a sister.

Farhan added: “It will be really good having a sister and will be an even bigger party on New Year’s Eve in future. I’m going to look after my little sister.”

Baby Holly Duffy also arrived early and was born at 9pm on New Year’s Eve.

She was delivered fit and healthy and was weighed in at six pounds and 10 ounces.

Her mother, Jane Duffy said: “I am over the moon. She has come a week early.

She explained how Holly’s birth during the festive season helped her and her husband choose her name.

She said: “We picked the name Holly, but it seemed even more appropriate at this time of year.”