A power cut hit Dorchester this afternoon.

The power cut was reported at 1.45pm and was restored by 4pm.

There were 228 affected areas.

One shopper who contacted the Echo said numerous shops in South Street are having to close because of the power cut.

Speaking earlier, a spokesman for Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks said: "We apologise for the loss of supply.

"We currently have a fault affecting the areas listed. Our engineers are on site working to get the power back on as quickly as they can.

"If you need more information, please call us on 0800 072 7282 and quote reference 'CY7625'."

The affected areas included:

 BA21 5BP

 BA22 8JL


 DT1 1AA

 DT1 1AG

 DT1 1AP

 DT1 1AQ

 DT1 1BL

 DT1 1BS

 DT1 1BX

 DT1 1BY

 DT1 1DA

 DT1 1DD

 DT1 1DE

 DT1 1DF

 DT1 1DH

 DT1 1DL

 DT1 1DQ

 DT1 1DR

 DT1 1DS

 DT1 1DZ

 DT1 1EE

 DT1 1JF

 DT1 1JH

 DT1 1PX

 DT1 1QW

 DT1 1RE

 DT1 1RF

 DT1 1RG

 DT1 1RJ

 DT1 1RN

 DT1 1RP

 DT1 1RQ

 DT1 1RS

 DT1 1RT

 DT1 1RU

 DT1 1RX

 DT1 1RY

 DT1 1RZ

 DT1 1SB

 DT1 1SD

 DT1 1SE

 DT1 1SL

 DT1 1ST

 DT1 1SW

 DT1 1TB

 DT1 1TJ

 DT1 1TL

 DT1 1TQ

 DT1 1TT

 DT1 1TU

 DT1 1TW

 DT1 1UB

 DT1 1UD

 DT1 1UF

 DT1 1XR

 DT1 1XT

 DT1 1XY

 DT1 2FB

 DT1 2FD

 DT1 2FG

 DT1 2HN

 DT1 2HR

 DT1 2HT

 DT1 2JA

 DT1 2JB

 DT1 2JF

 DT1 2JG

 DT1 2JH

 DT1 2JJ

 DT1 2JL

 DT1 2JN

 DT1 2JP

 DT1 2JQ

 DT1 2JW

 DT1 2LB

 DT1 2LD

 DT1 2LE

 DT1 2LF

 DT1 2LH

 DT1 2LS

 DT1 2NG

 DT1 2NH

 DT1 2NJ

 DT1 2NL

 DT1 2NN

 DT1 2NP

 DT1 2NQ

 DT1 2NR

 DT1 2NS

 DT1 2NT

 DT1 2NU

 DT1 2NW

 DT1 2NX

 DT1 2NY

 DT1 2PA

 DT1 2PB

 DT1 2PD

 DT1 2PE

 DT1 2PF

 DT1 2PG

 DT1 2PH

 DT1 2PL

 DT1 2PQ

 DT1 2PU

 DT1 2QD

 DT1 2RS

 DT1 2RT

 DT1 2ST

 DT1 3AB

 DT1 3AD

 DT1 3AE

 DT1 3AG

 DT1 3AH

 DT1 3AJ

 DT1 3AL

 DT1 3AN

 DT1 3AP

 DT1 3AQ

 DT1 3AR

 DT1 3AS

 DT1 3AT

 DT1 3AU

 DT1 3AW

 DT1 3AX

 DT1 3AY

 DT1 3AZ

 DT1 3BD

 DT1 3BL

 DT1 3BN

 DT1 3BQ

 DT1 3BS

 DT1 3BT

 DT1 3DB

 DT1 3DF

 DT1 3DH

 DT1 3DN

 DT1 3DQ

 DT1 3DW

 DT1 3EE

 DT1 3FA

 DT1 3FB

 DT1 3FD

 DT1 3GA

 DT1 3GB

 DT1 3GD

 DT1 3GE

 DT1 3GF

 DT1 3GG

 DT1 3GH

 DT1 3GJ

 DT1 3GL

 DT1 3GN

 DT1 3GP

 DT1 3GQ

 DT1 3GR

 DT1 3GS

 DT1 3GT

 DT1 3GU

 DT1 3GW

 DT1 3GX

 DT1 3GY

 DT1 3GZ

 DT1 3QY

 DT1 3RA

 DT1 3RB

 DT1 3RD

 DT1 3RE

 DT1 3RF

 DT1 3RG

 DT1 3RH

 DT1 3RJ

 DT1 3RL

 DT1 3RN

 DT1 3RP

 DT1 3RQ

 DT1 3RR

 DT1 3RS

 DT1 3RT

 DT1 3RX

 DT1 3RY

 DT1 3RZ

 DT1 3SA

 DT1 3SB

 DT1 3SD

 DT1 3SG

 DT1 3SH

 DT1 3SL

 DT1 3SN

 DT1 3SQ

 DT1 3SS

 DT1 3ST

 DT1 3SU

 DT1 3SX

 DT1 3TA

 DT1 3TE

 DT1 3TL

 DT1 3TN

 DT1 3TP

 DT1 3TQ

 DT1 3TR

 DT1 3TT

 DT1 3UX

 DT1 3UZ

 DT1 3WA

 DT1 3WB

 DT1 3WD

 DT1 3WE

 DT1 3WF

 DT1 3WG

 DT1 3WJ

 DT1 3WL

 DT1 3WN

 DT1 3WP

 DT1 3WQ

 DT1 3WR

 DT1 3WS

 DT1 3WT

 DT1 3WU

 DT1 3WW

 DT1 3WX

 DT11 8RA

 DT2 8ED

 DT2 9AW

 DT2 9DT

 DT2 9RR

 DT4 8AA

 DT4 8AD