We are lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world here in Dorset.

England allows freedom of speech, mainly tolerance of our fellow man, no conflicts except for a few miniature ones of our own making, beauty on our doorstep, so why do some of us want to destroy this beauty with unsightly litter?

We profess as a whole to being animal and nature lovers but how does this equate to the rubbish, big and small amounts dropped, dumped by the roadside? The consumers of fast food who stop in the nearest lay-bys to eat either a snack or lunch and dump what isn’t needed including the wrapping where their vehicle stopped.

One wonders whether if refuse bins were provided whether some of this refuse would find its way in the said containers?

The mattresses, fridges and other household items that are left on country roads and even Poundbury. This mentality I have difficulty in understanding, especially as purely from fuel cost it must be more expensive than correct disposal at St George’s Road.

Garden rubbish is left a few metres from the composter at Poundbury, I am left wondering why. We are told and shown in the press and programmes like the Blue Planet, world conferences take place on the effects global warming, plastics that devastate wildlife because this product along with coffee cups are not biodegradable, but we do not appear to change our behaviour.

Unwanted rubbish continues to desecrate both rural and urban areas.