A manor house and associated lord of the manor title in Purbeck is on sale for £2 million.

The seven-bedroom Arne House, hidden away in the village and boasting wide views of Poole Harbour, comes complete with a manorial lordship title dating back to 1555.

It was built 135 years ago as a hunting lodge for politician Evelyn Cecil, the first Baron of Rockley, but has recently undergone a radical refurbishment to bring the 5.5 acre site near Wareham up to date.

The grounds, just a stone’s throw from the RSPB Dorset nature reserve, can be found at the top of a winding pathway, concealed from the roadside by woodland.

This clandestine location made it a point of strategic importance for military chiefs searching for the best coastal positions to defend Britain’s shores from possible Nazi invasion during World War II.

The original turrets and gun emplacements are still in place.

The Arne lordship was created more than 300 years before the house was built and was first granted to royal courtier Edward Neville, who had worked for King Henry VIII.

The title became associated with the manor after being bought by a private buyer. It is one of only a handful of manorial titles in the country sold alongside deeds to the associated property.

The owner can use the Lord or Lady prefix on their passport, driving licence and other identity documents.

Nigel Sheppard, of Symonds and Sampson estate agents, said: “Arne House is a hidden gem. It is one of Dorset’s best kept secrets. “Anyone walking nearby would have no idea such a beautiful building was so close.

“How often can you buy a property and then actually become the lord of the manor? It is an incredibly rare opportunity.”

“The views are breathtaking, the grounds are beautiful and the finish inside the property is modern and luxurious, while still incorporating some stunning period features.

“Arne House has everything a lord of the manor could dream of and because, unlike many similar designs, it is not grade listed – there is plenty of opportunity for someone to put their own stamp on it.”

The current owner, businesswoman Nathelie Tudberry, said while researching the history of the village she found that Arne derived from the Saxon word “Aern”, which means “secret place”.

She said: “I instantly fell in love with the privacy and the beauty of the spot after years of bustle and stress working in London.

“I’ve never been anywhere more magical.”