Richard Drax’s response to our WeyPAW demonstration fails totally to touch on Weymouth having the lowest wages in the country.

Not a mention that in order to attract businesses the fact they can pay so little is sometimes crucial.

He seems not to realise that corporations offer zero hour contract and the lowest wages in the area.

The First Direct bus drivers receive less than those in Yeovil and Poole. The buses no longer provide a service to the public and are no help to people unable to afford a car.

New jobs in Winfrith help no one if they is no affordable way to get there from Weymouth.

Restaurants in Weymouth actually pay staff out of the tips they should be keeping and yet there is no enforcement of the laws against this practise.

I would have liked the Chamber if Commerce and Richard Drax to say that lower wages in Weymouth than anywhere else in the country is not acceptable and together with the fact that Weymouth and Portland have the highest council tax I would have thought it could have crossed their minds that employers are part of the problem.

Whitehead Drive, Weymouth