Regarding the Weymouth and Portland low pay campaign, I am appalled to see a number of comments that actively support low wages.

Let’s look at three of them:

1. Laws are being routinely broken. People aren’t being paid their statutory sick pay, holiday pay or even Minimum Wage. They generally do not know they are entitled to these.

2. Zero hours contract are terrible for young people. They are unable to budget properly and generally have no idea month to month whether they will even make their rent. How can they enjoy that?

3. As to businesses ‘just about managing’, if they cannot meet their legal obligations to their staff then one should ask whether they should be trading in the first place? A good business will thrive in today’s economy.

A final point is that one of the advantages of working in the hospitality trade is that they should have tips to top up their income. These are frequently trousered by their bosses who might well be paying them an illegally low rate of income in the first place.

I believe that good business practice should benefit the whole of the organisation, not just a Mr Scrooge at the top.

Isn’t it time that people gave Weymouth and Portland a pay rise?


Fortuneswell, Portland