Residents who were hoping for high speed broadband in new properties at Chickerell have been left disappointed and frustrated.

People living in the CG Fry’s phase one Grey’s Field development, just off Putton Lane at Chickerell have grouped together to sort out their lack of broadband.

The current broadband speed to the properties is under two Megabits per second (Mbps) and some even less receiving 0.3 Mbps.

Until now, residents have been using the BT box near Budmouth College, which is one mile away.

The distance as well as the low speed means residents have had two years of internet-access problems.

This news comes after BT/Openreach’s recent report that the company has provided coverage to 380,000 households in Dorset, providing speeds of 24 Mbps.

Maureen Fry moved to Chickerell from Cheshire in December 2015 and is a resident of Oldridge Road.

She said it was implied on a promotional brochure that high speed broadband would be available at the development.

She said: “The houses aren’t cheap, and I wouldn’t have thought it would be a good idea to move here had I known there wouldn’t be high speed broadband.”

For the residents living in the properties, there is frustration that their neighbours in nearby Putton Lane having superfast broadband.

Spencer Nicklin, a Weymouth firefighter and resident of Oldridge Road said: “My next door neighbour whose house is attached to mine has 45 Mbps.

“Because his address is on Putton Lane, he gets to have superfast broadband and be connected to the box.

“My children’s education is suffering as they can’t do their homework.

“Openreach say to contact our local provider but how can we when their details are online?”

A group of 84 residents out of 87 houses have been assisted in their campaign to try and get some action by Mike Moffatt of Lilly Lane and West Dorset MP Sir Oliver Letwin.

At a meeting in December, it was agreed that Sir Oliver would attempt to get Fry’s and BT/Openreach together with all the material gained to date, to push for a collaboration on supplying faster broadband.

Sir Oliver said: “The problem is being solved. The new homes are being covered with superfast broadband after an agreement was reached.

“However this left a group already built not equipped.

“I got involved with the developers, Openreach and local residents, and what has come out is an agreement under which BT can now install superfast broadband for houses.

“The question now is when Openreach can carry this out.”

The current date given for work to commence is April 2018, a date many residents feel is two and a half years too late.

Mike Moffatt said: “I really appreciate that GC Fry’s have communicated with Openreach and reached a financial deal.

“I would also like to say a big thank you to Sir Oliver Letwin for his outstanding work and representing us.

“All we want is better communication with BT, and for a date to be set for work to be completed.

“All we are after is fast broadband.”

Managing Director of CG Fry, Philip Fry said: “CG Fry as any other developer, only provide the ducting for Openreach to install their own equipment to supply the properties with phone lines or broadband service.

“My understanding from Openreach is that all properties on this development will have access to broadband.”

An Openreach spokesman said: “We are working on a joint project with the developer to bring superfast broadband to homes at Grey’s Field, Chickerell.

“The project is being progressed as quickly as possible, but a considerable amount of engineering work is needed and at this stage it is too early to confirm when it will be completed.

“About 96 per cent of Dorset households and businesses now have access to superfast broadband and work is continuing to reach even more premises.

“We are committed to making fast broadband as widely available as possible.”