Chedder Man with black skin and blue eyes? There’s something for the English League and all those bigots on the far right in our country to ponder.

Not to mention all those Leave voters banging on about immigration. If you self styled ‘patriots’ bothered to read some history you’d discover Saxons and Jutes from the North German Plain, Vikings from Scandinavia, Normans – Vikings who’d settled in northern France, Jews living in York and London before being murdered and expelled in 1290 by earlier English bigots, Flemish weavers from Brugge making a significant contribution to our wool trade, Italian glaziers helping to build our cathedrals, Dutch engineers creating the fens East Anglia, Huguenot textile craftsmen from France, West Indians from Jamaica and Trinidad, Asian communities from the Indian sub-continent (the heritage of the British Empire) oh, and yes, Polish young men willing to lay down their lives in the Battle of Britain.

Like or not we are a multi-ethnic community with a very mixed ancestry. Racism has no place in all this. Perhaps, you people dedicated ‘to taking back control’, it’s time for you to pick up a British history book, challenge some of your dangerously ignorant assumptions, drop the unwarranted hate crime and all do yourselves a favour by helping to make Britain work as a cohesive society that welcomes and thrives in the differences.