Poundbury's eco-warriors hit the national press last week when they had a visit from children's news programme, Newsround.

After the success of the 'Refill Poundbury' scheme, members of Damers First School's Eco Club got in front of the camera to tell BBC reporters what they are doing to combat single-use plastic.

The pupils interviews featured on Newsround on Thursday, February 1 at 7.40am.

Eco coordinator at Damers, Edd Moore said: "Laura Pennington, assistant producer of Newsround said Damers First School had been chosen as the children were doing something unique compared to the rest of the UK and that they couldn't find another school or youth group doing anything like this.

"She emailed me just before Christmas about the children's plastic work and asked if they could come and make a film with the children about Refill Poundbury," Mr Moore said.

Refill Poundbury is the pupil’s campaign to reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles in Poundbury.

Businesses that sign up to the scheme agree to fill up people’s water bottles for free aiming to encourage people to have a reusable water bottle rather than reaching for a disposable plastic one.

So far the plucky pupils have managed to get more than 20 businesses to sign up.

The Newsround team visited the school during the first week in January to talk with pupils about becoming a plastic-free school and plastic pollution.

Pupils told the team the main goal of their project was "to see our coast lines with no litter at all."

Mr Moore said the children had already got the school, parents and the Poundbury community recycling writing instruments, biscuit wrappers and printing cartridges, raising some money for the school but also doing their bit for the environment.

This term the pupils launched an 'eco turtle cleaning station', which dispenses environmentally-friendly household cleaners provided by Delphis Eco to sell to Damers families.

The crews hard work has even caught the eye of a high-profile figures as they received a signed photo from sailor and national treasure Dame Ellen MacArthur.

"What a fantastic achievement by a young group of children who are passionate about educating everyone on how important it is to cut down the amount of plastic being used and becoming plastic free.

"Receiving a sign picture by Ellen MacArthur is fantastic national recognition for all the inspirational and enthusiastic work they are driving forward to make a difference to our school and the world," Mr Moore said.