THERE were dramatic scenes after a truck carrying large blocks of Portland stone overturned in Weymouth.

The incident happened at Chafey's Roundabout, Southill, on the A354 just before 10am.

Dorset Echo:


Three police cars initially blocked parts of the road and one lane of Granby Way and the Field barn Drive exit were closed. 

At the scene there was broken glass on the road after the truck tipped fell on to its passenger side - collapsing the roof of the cabin and smashing the passenger windows and windscreen. 

Dorset Echo:

Luckily, the driver was not injured and was able to exit the vehicle. 
Specialist recovery had to be requested for the vehicle and police put in road closures, closing Field Barn Drive and restricting access to the roundabout from Granby Way.

The 18-ton tipper truck was carrying several large pieces of Portland stone but police at the scene said they did not know where it was going or what had caused it to tip over. 

Police said the truck first had to be turned back on to its wheels and moved before the stone could be then be recovered. 

It was a dramatic moment as teams used a hoist on a specialist recovery vehicle to turn the truck over. 

Police reopened the roundabout at around 1pm and a team from Dorset Waste Partnership began sweeping up debris. 

The truck was finally removed at approximately 1.30pm but Field Barn Drive remained closed as the stones were partially blocking the exit. 

A second recovery team arrived shortly afterwards to recover the stones. 

Dorset Echo:


The road closures have now been removed and traffic has returned to normal.