PEOPLE with knifes can hand them into a police station in Dorset this week and face no risk of prosecution.

It comes as Dorset Police supports a National Knife Amnesty.

Op Sceptre is a campaign led by the Home Office to reduce knife crime.

Although police say Dorset is one of the safest places in the UK to live, the force is still keen to support any initiative which encourages this trend to continue.

Knife amnesty bins are available in Bournemouth, Poole and Weymouth police station enquiry offices from today, Monday, until Sunday, February 18.

Any bladed instrument can be dropped off safely and anonymously.

Members of the public are asked to ensure any knives being brought to the surrender bins are carried discretely, secured safely in a bag and are covered with protection such as bubble wrap and cardboard to prevent injury.

Further information on what knives are legal or illegal and under what circumstances can be found at 

The Home Office defines a knife as any bladed instrument including axes, broken bottles, machetes, sharp pointed pens, razor blades when used as a weapon.