With the number of small micro-breweries on the rise, the Mayor of Dorchester has been celebrating a reinvigoration of the local brewing industry.

Attending a two-hour Brewing Masterclass at the Dorchester Brewhouse & Kitchen, Councillor Susie Hosford learnt more about the rising popularity of craft beer, the wide variety of beers available and the traditional brewing process.

Giving a flavour of the brewing process, Cllr Susie Hosford met with Dorchester Brewhouse & Kitchen’s own beer specialist and apprentice brewer, Connor Higgins.

She also had the chance to sample different styles of beer from English Ales to Stouts, Porters, Lagers and IPAs.

John Gleeson, operations manager for Brewhouse & Kitchen, said: “It was a pleasure to give the Mayor an insight into the fascinating world of beer. In recent years, we’ve seen a boom in demand for traditional craft beer and this has led to the opening of many new, small and independent breweries in Dorset.

"As far back as the 18th century, Dorchester was famous for brewing the finest beer in England and we want the town to once again be at heart of the regional brewing industry.’’

Situated within Dorchester’s historic brewing district, the Brewhouse & Kitchen has been bringing the brewing tradition back to the centre of the town. Since opening in 2014, the microbrewery, pub and restaurant has served locally produced and international craft beer. Taking part in the local brewing revival, it also brews its own beer onsite in large centrally located copper vats.

Cllr Hosford said: "“I found my brewery masterclass experience very interesting. It was great to learn more about the process, as well as, the huge number of craft beer varieties and flavours available. Dorchester has a rich brewing heritage and it’s great to see that this industry is undergoing a revival.’’