Construction of a new road in Dorchester will go ahead, despite delays of nearly a year.

Roadworks will be started as soon as possible to create a new access road on Lubbecke Way to help ease traffic on St Georges Road.

Original plans submitted by the Duchy of Cornwall to Dorset County Council outlined the construction of 70 new homes at Red Cow Farm on St Georges Road, alongside a new access road.

The new homes were completed last year however, the development of the new road came to a halt before works could event start when part of the development company - Mildred Homes - which built the homes, went into administration.

Concerns were raised from both residents and councillors as to who or if anyone would be stepping in to complete the outstanding works.

Dorchester town councillor Tony Lyall, who represents the east ward, has been in ongoing talks with the town council, Dorset County Council and the Ducky of Cornwall in regards to the new road.

Ben Murphy, estate director for the Duchy confirmed that the final forms of highway legal agreements have been concluded with the Dorset County Council highways department and Dorchester Town Council.

He said: "We know how important the new road link is for residents in St Georges Road and Lubbecke Way and I'm delighted that the Duchy has been able to get this project moving again.

"Contractors have been appointed and they are ready to commence the roadworks as soon as the relevant licenses are provided by the County Council."

A report before Dorchester Town Council said: "The Duchy of Cornwall has now agreed to step into the shoes vacated by Mildren Homes and fund, procure and deliver the outstanding s.278 and s.38 road works. The s.38 and s.278 highway agreements had previously been agreed, in final form with Mildren Homes and Dorset County Council’s solicitors have been instructed to redraft both of the required agreements to reflect the change in parties and circumstances.

"It is hoped that the amended agreements can be completed as soon as is possible and the outstanding works can be delivered very soon thereafter."