Yet again Richard Denton-White takes advantage of your columns to insult those who hold a different view to his regarding leaving the EU.

At the risk of boring everyone I must tell him again; we who advocate leaving that anti-democratic bureaucracy called the EU are not xenophobic race haters nor are we ignorant of British history.

In fact I would say that it is you and people like you Mr White, with your self-righteous assumption of political purity, who should be helping to make Britain a more ‘cohesive society’ by accepting the democratic principle as practised in the UK, that you lost the argument.

Accept it and get together with the majority who voted to leave to help Britain forge ahead into the exciting future where we will be able to trade with whom we please and freely welcome people of good will from nations outside the EU.

The same goes for Barry Tempest, forever telling us how we are heading for disaster even now when all the great doom-sayers; the IMF, the CBI and the Treasury et al have been proven wrong in their prognostications of immediate disaster if we voted to leave.

I think that only a complete break with the EU will free us from the suffocating embrace of its federalist obsessions and trade restricting rules. Get onboard doom-sayers and enjoy the ride.