It's all very well Richard Denton-White (Echo, February 12) spreading the fear of the ‘bigots’ and the ‘far right’, seemingly using this ploy to suppress the natural inclination of the many who call for a partial end to immigration – be they ‘leave voters’ or not.

Because, Mr Denton-White confuses the times we live in nowadays with those of ancient times. He fails to mention (or does not understand) that the differences between historic and contemporary influxes of immigrants into the UK are not the same.

It’s like comparing socks and sausages.

Both are completely unlike one another. And sometimes they smell different too.

The openness of the UK has always been highly attractive to various immigrants.

It is why, as he rightly points out, many people from different lands have come here seeking protection and economic prosperity and make a contribution to our way of national life.

But over recent years, multiculturalism has been forced upon us, by those who wrongly believe that we and other different nationalities can all live together in total harmony.

In today’s multicultural environment, it seems we all have a pseudo-legal duty to be familiar with what the immigrant population do or don’t do.

A kind of forced appreciation of their lifestyles. When, let’s face it, many do not really want to integrate.

They prefer to do things their way, not ours. No, the whole idea that all cultures are equal is silly.

It is nothing more than a dishonest pretence. Besides, the customs and philosophical outlooks of so many cultures all in one place, is a recipe for trouble.

Kitchener Road, Weymouth