Barry Tempest states in his letter (Echo Feb. 11) “That a complete break from the EU would be highly destructive.” How does he know this?

Remember Chancellor George Osborne, with access to every financial statistic, stating before the referendum, “If the vote is to leave there will be an immediate and catastrophic recession.”

Has this happened? No.

Mr Tempest joins the ranks of the Remainers who views the EU through rose tinted glasses. Despite its rhetoric, the EU is a protectionist bloc,
shielding its farmers and other producers from competition with high tariffs.

Britain should play hardball with Mr Barnier. Give us a fair trade deal or we unilaterally remove all tariffs and walk away. Trust me, it will frighten the life out of him and his boss, Angela Merkel?

Germany and France know that without Britain they will be left to foot the bill to prop up the EU. Take a leg off of a three legged stool, it falls over.

Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron recently stated that he would never agree to a “Frexit” referendum, because France would also vote to leave the EU.

As an old man approaching eighty, I have witnessed a trade agreement between similar powers (the EEC), turn into a political mass of disparate nations.

In this rapidly changing technological robotic world, Britain will need to harness all its brilliant ingenuity if it is to secure a prosperous future. The best way to ensure this happens is to free itself from the EU’s shackles.

Rodney Best
Doncaster Road