It is no surprise that thousands of voters in Italy have headed toward ‘anti-establishment’ and ‘anti-immigration parties’ (a bit similar to what happened with the Brexit vote in the UK).

Because as Richard Drax points out, ‘600,000 migrants’ is an awful lot of a miscellaneous ethic mix to absorb. 

And again, a similar story here in the UK, where uncontrolled immigration has changed the landscape in so many negative ways.

Primarily, courtesy of EU meddling.

And of course, not only Italy but in the UK too, vast numbers of the so-called immigrants have no intention of embracing British culture or for that matter, making a concerted effort to learn our common language.

They are, in essence, nothing more than economic migrants.

They seek alternative employment, not an alternative cultural lifestyle.

Be it Italy or the UK.

A Trojan Horse has entered the gates of several European countries – including our own.

Thousands of people continue to pour in to the UK at will.

EU rules allow it and demand it.

And we, the indigenous population have to sit back and take in on the chin, as far too many of them take us for a soft touch.

This is why countless thousands of voters have voted for a dramatic political change in Italy and elsewhere.

As for Angela Merkel, she may now be a ‘much weakened’ political force.

However, Germany is still on course to remain economically the most powerful member of the EU as has always been the case since the end of WWII.

Lastly, Mr Drax points out that ‘Mr Macron’s dream of a United States of Europe is looking perilously wobbly’.

Well, it may be a fairly recent dream of Mr Macron, wobbly or not, but it was in actual truth a future dream of the Third Reich.

Which is now not a dream but a fact.

Andrew Martin
Kitchener Road, Weymouth