With regard to the letter published on March 7 about the incorrect information on the digital screens at the bus stop near Debenhams in Weymouth.

I would just like to point out that these screens and the information provided on them are the responsibility of Dorset County Council, and not by the bus operators that run the services from these stops. 

However, we work closely with DCC and informed DCC of the issue who rectified the issue immediately.

At First, we have made continuous efforts to improve the quality of the data we provide to the County Council, and regular users will notice that last weekend we installed new ticket machines on all our buses in the county.

As well as allowing new payment options these ticket machines will be able to provide very accurate location data to the County Council.

Road closures and temporary traffic lights are currently a frustrating fact of life at the moment in Dorset – and we are very grateful for the patience our customers have shown.