An unexpected royal visitor was spotted in Poundbury.

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, was glimpsed by several eagle-eyed members of the public and business owners, including Don Iszatt of Finca coffee shop at the Buttermarket.

Mr Iszatt managed to get a snap of William and his small entourage.

Poundbury, Prince Charles's model village, is used to welcoming the heir to the throne but a visit from the second in line is more unusual.

The Duke of Cambridge's office confirmed that he had been in Poundbury yesterday on a private visit.

"It was clearly quite a low-level visit," said Mr Iszatt, co-owner of Finca with his wife Marti.

"He was looking round at the buildings and admiring the Buttermarket."

He added that William had not popped in to the shop for a cup of coffee, but expressed hope that he might do so on a future visit.

"He only had a few people with him, so maybe there weren't enough of them to come in for a coffee," he said. "But maybe next time!"

Fran Leaper, a former chairman of the Poundbury Residents Association, said she was 'absolutely delighted' by the visit.

"He's said before that he wanted to see more things for youngsters, and I think that's what we need in Poundbury. I think he's a breath of fresh air.

"I'd love him to take even more of an interest in Poundbury," she added.

Margaret Morrissey, chairman of one of Poundbury's management companies, said she had expected 'important people' to visit after being alerted by the Duchy of Cornwall's offices in the town.

"But I wasn't expecting it to be Prince William," she said.

She added that several other business owners had alerted her to to William's presence in Poundbury over the course of the afternoon.

"I think it is really lovely that he's come," said Mrs Morrissey. "It's just a shame we didn't see more of him."

She noted that William was a rare visitor to Poundbury.

"It's not an unusual occurrence to open your front door and see Prince Charles walking past," she said.

"But seeing Prince William isn't something that happens every day."

Poundbury is built on land belonging to the Duchy of Cornwall, and according to the architectural and planning principles held by Prince Charles, who is a regular visitor to the model town.

Visits from other members of the Royal Family are less common.