The council asked for the publics opinion on having a Ferris wheel in Weymouth. It appears to be that I am the only person to reply in answering that question.

I stated NOT on the sands please, the sandy beach is for children to play on, families to relax on and sunbathers to lie on. There are enough paying amusements on the beach already.

Now it appears the decision to put the Ferris wheel onto the beach had already been decided, so what is the point of asking the public ( I am one ) their views on this matter?

There are more than enough paying amusements on the beach already, and the Ferris wheel is going to take up a lot of the beach and will be noisy with lots of screaming and yelling, so the peaceful relaxation for families and sunbathers will be no more, also a large part of the lovely sea and cliff view will be hidden.

It was mentioned that in Victorian times if the Ferris wheel had been there they would have not batted an eyelid, no doubt that might have been true, but let me point out in those times a lot of people did not go onto the beach or swim in the sea but preferred to walk sedately along the promenade.

Weymouth has a beautiful Bay, one of the best beaches, glorious sands and wonderful safe seas and I don’t want it to become a Blackpool.

But alas our council is only interested in money making amusements which are taking over our lovely beach.

April Lee

Wyke Regis