WEYMOUTH Harbour users are being urged to report all incidents of theft, vandalism and other problems.

The Harbour Management Board say that unless they and the police know about the issues they will not be able to tackle them.

Recent incidents have included petty thefts and homeless people sleeping in the North Quay harbour facilities area.

Details should be given to the Harbour Office on 01305 838423 or by sending an e-mail via the Weymouth Harbour website weymouthharbour.co.uk/contact/ or directly to weymouthharbour@dorset.gov.uk

Meanwhile, visiting boat numbers to Weymouth Harbour are slowly rising – but almost 180 berths remain unused.

Figures for April 2017 until the end of March this year show a 3.7 per cent increase in visitor nights to 5,223. Over three years the increase has been 1 per cent.

The extra visitors brought in an additional £7,885 in fees.

The latest figures, which will be shared with the Harbour Consultative Group on Wednesday, also show that while all the 29 chain and sinker moorings are fully used the inner harbour marina has 252 out of 410 berths occupied while 86 out of the 105 commercial berths are in use at the end of March.