DORSET residents have some of the highest life satisfaction rates in the country, a new report has revealed.

The States of Dorset report for Wellbeing and Health revealed that people living in the county are ‘generally healthy’ with residents saying that they had a “high life satisfaction rating” and feeling that “the things they do in their lives are worthwhile.”

However, the report, produced by Dorset County Council, said that health organisations in Dorset needed to tackle a number of issues including obesity as figures show that 59 per cent of adults living in the county are either overweight or obese while 28 per cent of children were classed as obese by the time they reached Year 6.

Alongside this, the incidence rate of skin cancer among adults in Dorset was more than double the national average of with an incidence rate of 34.1 per 100,000 people, compared to a UK average of 18.9 while admission rates for alcohol-related harm continued to rise year on year on year.

However, the number of deaths related to smoking fell to a record level of 203, significantly lower than the national average of 272 while the rate of people killed and seriously injured on the roads continues to be above average, with the reporting saying that this was “due to Dorset’s high proportion of rural roads.”

However, Dorset County Councils investment was also highlighted with £1 invested in drug treatment, every £1 invested in drug treatment returns £2.50 in health and crime costs saved.

In a statement, a Dorset County Council spokesman said: “Healthy populations live longer, are more productive and save more thus making a contribution to economic progress as well as maintaining personal wellbeing.

“Public Health Dorset aims to improve and protect the health and well-being of the population across Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole with an emphasis on reducing inequalities in the health of those living and working in our local communities.

“The county council works to supports people in making healthy lifestyle choices and leading active lives.”

“The Live Well Dorset service, funded by Dorset’s councils, is just one of the ways in which this support is provided.”