FARMERS are being urged to 'look out, look up' as an electricity company renews its campaign to raise awareness of safety when working near overhead power lines and poles.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) wants to highlight the potential dangers faced by the agriculture industry as farmers and contractors approach the busiest months of the year.

The company is sharing practical advice with the farming community in a bid to help them avoid incidents and accidents related to power supplies.

Last year, SSEN recorded more than 780 incidents on agricultural land across its infrastructure where third-parties came into contact with poles, overhead lines and cables, cutting off local electricity supplies and having the potential to cause serious injury to those involved.

SSEN urges farmers to:

n 'Look out, look up' before they start work where electricity lines are present

n Be aware of the height of their machinery

n Stay in their cab or vehicle if they do come into contact with an overhead line or cable

n Call 105 - the UK-wide emergency number for power companies - immediately

n Get out the vehicle quickly if the situation is too dangerous to stay put e.g. the vehicle is affected by fire

Richard Gough, head of safety, health and environment (networks), said: "Always take the opportunity to risk assess before any work begins; striking a pole or coming into contact with electrical equipment can have serious and potentially lethal consequences for those involved."