An Upwey group of woodcarvers is calling for more members to join its weekly craft workshops, in the wake of a nationwide woodcarving commemoration of the centenary of the end of the First World War.

The South Dorset Woodcarving Club, which meets at Upwey's Old School village hall, has produced an array of carvings and reliefs to join those produced by members of sibling clubs around the county, grouped under the British Woodcarving Association (BWA).

David Whiddett of the South Dorset club said the occasion was a good opportunity to call for anyone interested to get involved with the craft society.

"We start beginners on a relief piece," he said, "then we move them onto larger and more intricate pieces."

For this centenary event, members of the South Dorset club created pieces depicting a range of subjects, including soldiers, a swan, a moon-gazing hare, a nude figure, a couple and a porpoise.

One of the stand-out pieces was by club member Tony Wilson, who carved a First Wold War private in helmet and tunic, made in oak as opposed to the more usual lime.

"Lime is our favourite wood to work with," Mr Whiddett explained. "It's soft and it doesn't produce too much dust when you carve it with chisels."

He added that the display came about as a result of the BWA asking its membership across the country to carve a tablet capturing the essence of the struggle British soldiers suffered during the war.

"These tablets were assembled on the display and the South Dorset Woodcarvers, the regional centre for Dorset, were proud to display this work together with the club's own members' work," he said.

The group meets at the Upwey hall every Tuesday between 7 and 9 pm; fees are £25 a quarter. Anyone interested in joining should email David Whiddett at or call him on 07948 502857.