It seems everyone is on a boycott Weymouth mission and it’s really starting to show, constant letters and comments complaining every single day, dogs on beaches, bad policing and PCSO, bad BID, bad parking prices, bad kids, no shops... I could go on.

Let’s just take a moment to think about what we do have.

We have a beautiful beach and if you haven’t seen it for a while it’s still there and still stunning with an amazing esplanade to walk along, we have a historical harbour with boards to read the history or be proud of it, we have shops.

Ok we have a lot of phone shops and charity shops but at least they’re not empty. 

We have fields, parks, music festivals, food festivals. 

All the problems the Weymouth whingers moan about can be found in any town and worse things happen like gun crime. 

I’m proud to live in Weymouth and as a business manager and living in Weymouth for 13 years I still wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, its getting better I see it every day.

A homeless bus shelter, more police presence, a fresh town manager and BID manager who is so passionate about making this town a better place.

This is our home let’s start appreciating what we do and be a bit happier and send the whingers in their way.

If you don’t like it don’t live here or keep the negativity to yourself.

Imagine being a tourist and seeing what the locals say, it would put me off coming back.

Becky Leeming
Lichfield Road, Weymouth