A curious onlooker has snapped this heartwarming photo of a man herding a duck and her ducklings through the streets of Dorchester.

Paul Vittle, from Weymouth, was in Dorchester with his wife on Friday (11) when he saw the man ushering the six ducklings and their mother through the town centre. He captured this photo as the group were walking down High West Street.

Paul said: "I was coming up to the traffic lights near Argos when I saw a man walking along with a cardboard box. He was bending down and ushering along the duck and her brood.

"I reached the lights as they turned red and then he ushered them over the road. I just had enough time to take a picture.

"I think he was trying to take them back towards the river, and he was doing his best to try and get them away from the danger of the main road."

Paul said he unfortunately didn't get a chance to speak to the man.