A Weymouth kebab shop is donating a whole day's takings today to a charity providing palliative care to terminally ill children.

Hidden Gem, at Littlemoor Shopping Centre, is raising funds for Gully's Place, which cares for sick children in Dorset and supports their families.

Owner Cem Ciftlik revealed that he and his wife Victoria had chosen the charity because of a personal connection.

The couple's nephew Cameron, the son of Victoria's sister, died in 2015, nine months after being diagnosed with a brain tumour, and Cem recounted that the charity had provided invaluable support both to the child and the family during the time he spent on Dorset County Hospital's Kingfisher Ward, where Gully's Place has installed an ensuite room for relatives.

Poole Hospital-based Gully's Place helps terminally ill children and their families, providing the children with parcels containing their favourite toys and food, and decorate their hospital rooms. "They make the room a home-from-home," Cem explained. The charity continues to support the parents once the child has passed away, offering advice and financial support for everything from funeral arrangements to bereavement services.

Hidden Gem - which last month won an award at the British Kebab Awards - has said it will donate all proceeds taken today, Wednesday, May 16, to the charity. "Doing this means a lot after all Gully's Place did for my nephew," Victoria said.

This year's event follows last year, when Hidden Gem donated takings of £1,500 to the charity. "It would be great if made more than last year, but we'd also just be happy to match it," Victoria added.

As well as the proceeds from the night, Cem and Victoria have also placed collection boxes for the charity in their takeaway.

Farah Batchelor, manager of Poole Hospital Charity, which runs Gully's Place, expressed gratitude to Hidden Gem for their continued support.

"We're over the moon - it's nice enough when people think of you once, but when they think of you twice, it's astounding," Ms Batchelor said. "We are tiny, and we need to make people aware of the care we give to families and children, and how much it costs.

"The NHS doesn't pay for suites [for families], and it doesn't pay for bereavement services.

"Hidden Gem is a fabulous business, and they're a fabulous family."