Local Dorset government is paralysed as the county and borough councillors bicker over what comes next. 

This means that normal business is on hold. 

One such issue is the value of the digital parking scheme, a system which is often abused, ignored and leaving local residents in despair as they try to park their cars near their houses in the evenings and on weekends. 

The parking policy is not fit for purpose and needs reviewing. 

Why are borough car parks empty overnight whilst street parking, run by the county, is a nightmare, not only in our district? 

The answer of course is the revenue generated by parking which neither the county or the borough wish to give up. 

Glib responses that locals have a perception of a parking problem only fuels anger and I for one am sick and tired of elected representatives fobbing me off with ‘wait and see what happens next’ answers to our frustrations. 

Peter Cameron
Ranelagh Road