GETTING through one Shakespeare play can be a challenge for some.

But how about all 37 of them in 97 minutes.

That's the challenge for a group of actors who are bringing the complete works of the Bard (abridged) to Weymouth Pavilion this week.

Actor Matthew Duckett said: “The range of emotions that I go through in around one and a half hours is like living in fast forward mode – exhausting.

"For example, one minute I swoon at Juliet's feet, the next I jump around the stage and rap the story of Othello, then offer advice to Macbeth and fence Hamlet."

He added: "I feel so fortunate that I have been given this opportunity so early in my career. I am determined to give it my all. During my background research for this project I realised that Shakespeare never intended his works to be only high brow entertainment but accessible to all, which is something I think we achieve here."

He says there is 'something for everyone' – even if you do not like Shakespeare, it's still fun and enjoyable to watch.

This enterprising play is produced by The National Production Company and directed by the award wining John-Robert Partridge. It runs from May 17-19 at Weymouth Pavilion Theatre. Call the venue for tickets and more information.