After being inspired by one of its resident’s wartime stories, a Weymouth care home is working hard to reunite Dorset veterans who served in the Burma Campaign.

Staff at Gracewell of Weymouth are hoping to reunite remaining members of the Bridport Burma Star Association after a visit from the Royal British Legion inspired one resident to share his story.

Reg Carter, 92, was born and raised in Weymouth and today, his home at Gracewell is just a stone’s throw from the house he grew up in.

Despite living most of his life at the seaside resort, in 1943 at the tender age of 18, Reg was called up to the British Royal Navy and found himself setting sail for Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka and Singapore.

He served on the Tribal-class destroyer HMS Nubian.

“They did everything. You name it - we escorted it. We escorted the cruisers and aircraft carriers to make sure they didn’t get into trouble,” Reg said.

During his time on the ship Reg only set foot on land four times.

“There were 23 of us living in there altogether. Everything you did was done in one room. You had your food there, you slept there. We were each given a hammock. When the boat moved the whole hammock would swing and rock and when we were at sea the water would come through the sea port and slosh about the floor,” he said.

After the Nubian, Reg was posted to Singapore where he worked on a minesweeper before finally, after two long years, he returned home. Reg wells up as he remembers the moment he saw his mother for the first time after being called up.

“The passage had taken 35 days. My mum was stood on the jetty waiting for me with my youngest brother. I can’t explain the feeling - it had been two years,” he said.

Once settled back into Dorset life, Reg joined the nearest branch of the Burma Star Association in Bridport.

“There was a crowd of us when we first went. You never really talked about our time away but we had experienced something together. It was comradeship. You had so many things in common. They were great friends - we always looked forward to the meetings,” Reg said.

Sadly, over the years as members got older, Reg said it got more difficult for the group to meet.

Now, Gracewell’s home admissions advisor Esther Sheppard is on a mission to reunite the association members after years apart.

“I had no idea about Reg’s past. He’d never spoken about it. He’s got such an amazing story,” Esther said.

In July, Esther said they are hoping to assemble the members at Gracewell and enjoy Pimms, dinner and entertainment in the gardens.

Liz Jones, the current chairman of the association said: “It will be fantastic as we have lost touch and it would be great to get everyone together again.”

If you are a Burma Star member contact Esther Sheppard on 01305 233300 to find out more.