Staff enthusiasm and a focus on physical wellbeing saw a preschool come top of the class.

Chesil Bank Preschool, which is housed in Strangways Hall in Abbotsbury was rated 'good' by Ofsted inspectors.

A report by inspectors praised the enthusiasm and warmth of staff in developing relationships with children and encouraging good behaviour.

The report said: "Staff provide a wealth of exciting activities to help children achieve their next steps for learning. They join in children's play with enthusiasm and use good teaching techniques to capture children's interest and help them learn more."

In addition the inspector said: "Children form close relationships with staff and make friends who they laugh with and hug. They behave very well and older children learn to resolve issues themselves, such as agreeing how to share and play with toys together."

The inspector also praised the breadth of activity available to the preschool children and the preschool's focus on outdoor and physical activity.

"Children benefit from a wealth of activities to encourage their health and physical development, such as yoga sessions and using wood and bricks to build large constructions," the inspector said. "Children enjoy walks to the allotment to play games and to grow fruit and vegetables."

Preschool manager, Jayne Farnham said: "We were just thrilled. The day went really well and the inspector really loved the preschool and the children were amazing."

She added the inspector had been impressed with the children's behaviour and the freedom the children were afforded to learn to make their own decisions.

"We've worked really hard over the last year to change the preschool for children to be able to access everything they need to make their own choices.

"We go out on the allotment as much as we can and the children grow their own food and take part in planting and exploring. It's all part of encouraging them to think for themselves."

There are just four members of staff at Chesil Bank and one volunteer.

"Because it's such a small team we know the children really well so they get a great deal because we know what they like and can adapt their day accordingly," Jayne said.