Two letters in the Echo on Thursday, June 7, prompted me to write:

1: Such tacky lights – personally, I like the modern lasers with their colourful columns, complementing/contrasting with our lovely Georgian architecture. If all that money must be spent on lights, then Mr Mabb’s suggestion is best – but who will listen?

2: Pool with slides idea – with my husband, I ran a hotel when Harvey Bailey was responsible for tourism. It was always Harvey Bailey’s aim some 25 years ago to extend the summer season.

I wholeheartedly agreed with him and even wrote to all councillors personally the last time the Pavilion area was going to be violated. My suggestion was for a glass pyramid, behind the Pavilion, containing an all year round Sun Centre (like the glass pyramid outside The Louvre in Paris – again complementing/contrasting with our Georgian town).

As Mr Greenwood suggested, it should house a leisure pool with slides and flumes and cafes with seating outside for people who just want to be in a simulated beach setting. Before the Sea Life Tower, this would have been a landmark in itself, with, perhaps, a revolving restaurant on the top (such as Seattle’s Space Needle).

Make a statement, Weymouth – we need all year round leisure facilities – but again, who will listen and act?

Jennifer Bayley