So Weymouth and Portland council is ever listen to their electors?

The long-running saga of our seafront lights is mind-boggling.

A reasonably straightforward remedy can be seen by most of us.

Why on earth do we need it to become complicated and end up paying large amounts of our money to consultants?

Look up what happened with the laser lights, which most people, locals in visitors, have probably never seen in operation and those who have, myself included (twice in six years) must be so excited, seeing a small patch of sea lit up green for a very few moments.

This does absolutely nothing for our sea front. Now the so-called experts are suggesting some sort of flashing display which is so not needed.

We don’t need to become a miniature Las Vegas.

A line of LED lights lit up permanently is all that is needed. A local councillor has in the past said that we don’t need to go back fifty years to the original light system, but that is exactly what Weymouth is suited for.

This sort of lighting is what makes the seafront so attractive and safer to walk along at night.

Gordon Day