We are in total agreement with the many letters in support of bringing back the fairy lights to Weymouth Esplanade. Hundreds if not thousands of us have expressed this same view.

How many more times and how many more people have to beg the council for LED fairy lights on the Esplanade? Complete farce!

For goodness sake council. Listen to us the people who pay the council tax for your wages; you ask for our feedback and we’ve told you bring back the fairy lights.

Swanage has them with no problem and they look lovely. Wake up council and do the right thing for the people who care about our town – Weymouth - and bring back the fairy lights.

Next thing we’ll have so called mushrooms - slabs on metal stilts flickering away - just like the ugly mushrooms that look even uglier now at Bincombe bumps roundabout copied to the Esplanade - wouldn’t surprise is in the least. 

W McCartney
C Lessing