Start Me Up! We've had a huge response to the memories of the Rolling Stones concert in Weymouth shared by Margaret Wellspring in last week's Looking Back.

And, coincidentally, it was exactly 53 years ago in 1965 when the Stones had their first number one single on the US Bilboard chart with I Can't Get No Satisfaction.

It would appear as though we were one year out with the year - Graham Travers got in touch to let us know that it was 1964 and not 1965 when the Stones and the Hollies performed at the Weymouth Gaumont

Graham very helpfully steered us in the direction of the online Rolling Stones Chronicle, which confirmed that the band carried out a tour of the west country from August 18 to 30 1964, performing daily concerts.

The chronicle says: "The group performed its first concerts on the Channel Isles (Guernsey and St. Helier) and across south west England (Weymouth, Weston-super-Mare, Exeter, Plymouth, Torquay). They also played again in Bournemouth and Taunton."

Graham very kindly attached a scan of his tickets for the Rolling Stones and Hollies concerts which we can see here.

Former Gaumont projectionist John Yallop got in touch to point out it was the summer of 1964 that was the summer to remember for Weymouth.

He said: "It was actually the summer of 1964 that the Gaumont went live. We showed The Beatles film A Hard Day's Night in July that year before going on to stage shows with The Hollies and co. throughout most of August, rounding off the month with The Rolling Stones on August 24 with a one night stand. However, we did show The Beatles' second film Help in the summer of 1965, again to packed houses.

"The Gaumont held just one more stage show after these in August 1967 when Adge Cutler & the Wurzels appeared for one night.

"Films such as West Side Story in 1962 and The Sound Of Music, that ran for 12 weeks in 1966, did play at the Gaumont but I believe that it was at the original Odeon in Gloucester Street that My Fair Lady had a summer run.

We even heard from Ken Osmond, who was a police officer on duty the night the Stones played their memorable gig at the Gaumont.

Ken recalls: "I was stationed at Broadwindsor at the time and was drafted to Weymouth for that night. I was one of about half a dozen police officers.

"I had to stand between the stage and the auditorium to stop the girls getting up on stage! It was a brilliant night."

Lucky Ken even had a personal encounter with the Stones - he was part of a group of police officers who had to drive the band to the venue for the concert.

"We were told to muster at the old police station in Dorchester Road. We had to take the Rolling Stone down to the police station in the van. One of the officers refused to go in the van because he thought the band wasn't very wholesome. They were a pretty wild band in those days.

"At that time there was a back entrance to the theatre which you could access from Lower Bond Street and we took them through there. This group of girls approached the door and were banging on it. I went over to them and told them to stop doing it. They asked me if I had met them and I said I helped them them to the venue and this girl started rubbing my foot and said: "You've spoken to the Stones!"

Ken remembers the support acts Millie Small, singer of My Boy Lollipop and The Barron Knights.

"The Stones' music wasn't my cup of tea, The Barron Knights used to take off a number of different groups and they were absolutely brilliant."

Ken said that as soon as the Stones finished singing they were ushered out the back door of the Gaumont and into the van.

"It was quite a night," he remembers. "It was a one off policing experience for me. The memory was of all these girls trying to get up on to the stage."

Thanks also to Brenda Upshall, nee Eyres, of Dorchester for getting in touch with her Gaumont memories.

She saw the Rolling Stones gig there but didn't think it was the Barron Knights in support. She does remember comedians Little and Large and Shane Fenton performing as support.

Brenda said: "I remember exactly where I sat - I was sat at the top by the back door. I also went to see The Beatles in Southampton and Bournemouth and I remember being in the fourth row."

Brenda also mentioned a memory of Dusty Springfield performing at the Sidney Hall in Weymouth in what she thought was 1963 - does anyone else remember this?

"I remember having a great time in the 60s, I went to a lot of concerts and I got married in that decade," Brenda said.

Keep your memories of The Gaumont and its films and bands coming! Get in touch the usual way.