Can someone explain to me why Weymouth residents are putting up with the extended works by Wessex Water on the Westway

Road? It started in April and is not planned to finish until August - right through our busiest time for tourism. Once again little thought has been given to Weymouth residents' inconvenience for four months. I would not mind if I thought work was taking place at speed but it is not.

For 15 days out of the last six weeks there was no one on site, work rarely starts before 10am and there has been no one on

site after 3pm frequently when I pass. Friday is definitely a non-working day.

So whoever planned and negotiated this work is taking advantage of our goodwill. Dorset County Council: please explain how you agreed this work with Wessex Water in the middle of the summer. Is there an incentive clause to finish earlier if they work harder and longer on site? I don’t think so!

If this work was happening in Dorchester or Sherborne, for instance, there would be a very different approach from DCC. They

think: hey, its only Weymouth, they will put up with it.

We are trying to make Weymouth an economically sustaining town to do that we need to welcome our visitors, not have them in queues as they approach the town.

Come on Weymouth residents and borough council, let's get a bit more feisty and rebellious and put our foot down.