A man was reunited with a phone after it sunk to the bottom of the sea off the Jurassic Coast and was amazed to find it still working.

Rob Smith, 34, kayaked to Durdle Door with his cousin who was visiting from Canada.

Whilst nearing to Durdle Door, his cousin’s iPhone toppled overboard and sank to the bottom of the sea. Although the phone was in a waterproof case, the pair accepted they would be unable to recovery it and returned home.

Two days later, Cerys Hearsey, 36, went diving along the same stretch of coast, where she recovered the phone.

She said: “I went diving on Saturday, it was quite a shallow dive of around 10 meters.

“ I could see the phone sitting on the bottom of the seabed because it received a message and lit up. I then picked it up and returned to land where she cut it out of its case.

“It was starting to get a bit of water inside.

“I then looked up the numbers and got in touch with the owner’s family.”

She added: “I just hope someone would do the same for me one day.

“Phones are so critical to life nowadays they can be difficult to replace.

“The owner of the phone was on a flight back to Canada, so I met with the owner’s cousin Rob.

“I only had an hour before I had to return home, but luckily she could pick it up.”

Cerys, who is from Essex and was staying in Weymouth met Mr Smith and his wife Evie at Weymouth Harbour, where he collected his cousin’s phone.

Cerys added: “They were really lovely people and amazed to see it, I think they had given up any hopes of finding it.

“I never take a phone out on the water, if I lost it I would be devastated.”

Mr Smith, from Bridport, said: “Cerys was such a nice lady, we were over the moon.

“We couldn’t believe she had it still and at 84% battery.

“I would like to give a big thank you to the whole scuba diving team.

“My cousin had a lot of pictures of his trip to the UK saved on his phone which he thought he wouldn’t be able to see again.

“We thought there was no way of getting it back.

“My cousin can’t believe it, he was upset at first and thought that he would have to pay another 900 dollars for a new phone.”

The iPhone will be sent to Canada where it will be reunited with its owner.