Weymouth-Waterloo operator South Western Railway is clamping down on fare dodgers across in Weymouth and Dorchester.

Extra staff have been posted at Dorchester South and Weymouth stations in recent weeks, both of which are barrierless stations, to check tickets during the morning and occasional evening commutes.

Commuters are asked to show their tickets to the workers when arriving at and leaving from the stations, as South Western Railway clamp down on ticketless travel.

The rail operator says it has been deploying ‘intelligence-led' teams to crack down on fare dodgers at its stations.

A South Western Railway spokesman said: "We know that fare evasion is a concern for our fare-paying customers, who value seeing tickets being checked both at stations and on our trains.

"Since taking over the franchise we have reviewed our revenue protection approach and now deploy teams in a more efficient, intelligence-led way, and as a result have reduced ticketless travel by a quarter.

Currently, under the operators current penalty fare policy if you are caught travelling without paying the right fare, you may be charge you a penalty fare – for not having the right ticket.

A spokesman for the Rail Delivery Group, which represents all the train operators, added: “Fare dodgers deprive the railways of about £200 million every year, money which could otherwise be invested in providing better services.

“Train companies take a firm but fair approach to people who don’t pay. The vast majority of passengers who pay the correct fare don’t feel they should subsidise those who try to get away without paying.”

Currently, only a revenue collection officer is the only person who can give you a penalty fare, if another staff member – like a guard – checks your ticket, they can’t give you a penalty fare.

But you will have to buy a full single or return ticket for the journey you’ve made or want to make and you cannot any discounts which include using a Railcard.

The spokesman continued: "Before you travel, buy a ticket for your journey from the ticket office or one of our ticket machines, and check it’s the right one before you get on the train.

"If you’re not sure if you have the right ticket, just ask at the ticket office or give South Western Railway a call on 0345 6000 650."