I would like to reply to C Fountain of Dorchester letter in Wednesday, August 8.

I totally agreed with your comments as a disabled person and also a blue badge holder which has helped me to be independent for the last 55 years.

It also helped me to support the town’s local shops, but now I do go to the supermarket out of town as they have lots of disabled parking bays where I am able to open my driver door wide without the possibility of hitting any other vehicle as the spaces are wide for me to get out safely.

I do sometime get the chance to get into town but I have to be in the town by 8.15am to ensure I have a safe place to park so I am able to get my wheelchair or my small mobility scooter from the back of my vehicle safely.

Even though I have signs on the back of my vehicle asking people to give my room to get my wheelchair/mobility scooter out this does not happen.

I heard that several hundred badges have been taken off people by DCC for fraudulent use of blue badges yet none have been taken to courts or fined. I can only assume that the council returned the blue badges to the correct owner of the blue badge.

My only thought is the government is giving the councils a chance to get more income which the government is not giving to the councils. When you check up the number of blue badges issued at £10 for three years I am sure it would in the thousands for only issuing the badges and nothing else?

A Weymouth Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter User