Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park has been a popular attraction in town for a number of years.

We journeyed deep to the bottom of the Dorset Daily Echo archives to find an array of pictures of notable moments and visitors to the park.

These pictures show some instantly recognisable faces such as Olympic silver medallist swimmer Sharron Davies, who visited in April 1996 on a charity mission.

Sharron, who was then on TV as Amazon in The Gladiators, was launching a new fund-raising campaign for the Worldwide Fund for Nature. Wildlife enthusiasts across Britain were encouraged to go swimming to raise cash for a host of WWF projects, including some to help protect endangered sharks.

Sharron was happy to pose with a baby nursehound shark at the park.

Also dropping by in the 1990s were Animal Magic's Johnny Morris and Terry Nutkins, who helped Weymouth Sea Life Park to celebrate its 15th anniversary in 1998. Terry, who went on to appear on The Really Wild Show and Motormouth, had previous dropped into the park in 1992 to help kickstart the park's living rainforest, by planting a banana plant.

Sadly, Johnny died a year later in 1999, while Terry passed away in 2012 aged 66 after suffering from leukaemia.

There have also been some memorable rescues and releases at the park over the years. Muddy the shark in August 1993, while a smooth hound shark was released back into the sea at Greenhill, watched by young shark conference members.

The park has certainly provided a few great picture opportunities over the years, including a very photogenic Spurdog shark pup, various octopuses and a 10ft tall (thankfully) fake shark.