Whenever I see those ads extolling the virtues of 'smart meters' by so-called 'smart reporters' in the Dorset Echo, it makes me feel exceedingly sad that this government backed propaganda exercise (funded by tax-payers of course) is being embraced so willingly by so many people.

Apparently, people are so entranced by 'smart meter' technology that they are literally queuing up to get one installed in their homes.

I guess you could call it the 'lemming effect'.

A similar effect, is the idea that leaving the EU will economically render the UK a basket-case.

Today (August 9), for example, Mike Joslin is at again spreading fear and alarm in his usual 'backed up by facts and figures' sourced from the Financial Times.

A paper best ignored.

Anyhow, to get back to 'smart meters', the main thrust of these ads is to bang home the message that they are safe, secure and efficient.

That nobody in their right mind could possibly do without one.

But of course, anyone daring to criticise the mass installation of 'smart meters' is pronounced as a conspiracy theorist or worse.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

A second generation of 'smart meters' (SMETS2) will probably roll out some time this year. The first generation were fraught with technical problems – which I won't elaborate on, because it will take too much time.

The ultimate aim is to have all these meters connected to, surprise, a centralised network. Overseen by a private company.

At the moment most 'smart meters' are the province of numerous energy company networks.

Once centralised, these so-called next generation of smart meters will be in effect a spy in every home.

A customer database of alarming proportions.

The final goal, will be to soften up the global population for an upcoming 'carbon credit' currency – which will, one day soon, totally replace cash.

I urge everyone to refuse the installation of 'smart meter' technology.

And remember, a bit like the downsides of social media etc, it creeps up on you surreptitiously.

Before you know it, your freedom to decide is lost. Besides, every no, is a tiny crack in the agenda of those who want to control everything.

Andrew Martin