I have just read with interest ref Wednesday, August 8 evening Echo.

Flash bid to reduce diabetes was the head line by Agnieszka Graja.

I have been a type 1 diabetic for 38 years now and have done over 100,000 finger pricks to check my blood sugars which is to help and adjust insulin control ,not counting the 4,000 injections.

Last October 2017 I attended a flash monitoring introduction and started to use this amazing testing system where you can test as many times as you like pain free, and any third party can also do this with ease.

The meter used can download and send the testing information to any health care professional if needed, and give the user lots of control information. These sensors were to be made available from November 2017 but because of the Post Code Lottery and funding, they are not in my area of Dorset.

The flash testing has improved my control by 70 per cent because there is no more guess work which I used to do due to sore fingers from finger pricking and inconvenience.

The cost of the sensors is £100.00 per month which I believe is no more expensive than the 200 test strips I used to have.

This new control will save the NHS thousands if the powers that be could open there eyes to see the light. ie less hospital admissions and complications due to better control, less chance of hypo's which is when blood sugars go to low so you lose consciousness which would require a medic response and ambulance at a very high cost and possible hospital admission.

If you add this up a saving cost of thousands.

The DVLA still insist a blood finger prick test is needed before driving but i feel they also need to check this new testing reliability better as i have done both tests and the flash testing is as accurate.

There is a lot of forums to get this testing system made available to all people that will benefit from it by Diabetes UK and campaigns by other individuals,including my MP and councillor who I have also contacted and had information forwarded to our government.

Theresa May, our Prime Minister, is a flash sensor user so I hope she can see this information as she will know the benefits and help us all to get them made availiable. Lets hope with this awareness becoming more public we will soon may be get the flash sensors on the NHS which is overdue, and finish the post code lottery syndrome which is unfair to those who can not benefit from this amazing testing system.

Peter C Bower

Church Lane