Changes to seafront traffic flows on Weymouth Esplanade could be changed – if some borough councillors get their way.

A meeting about traffic being held in queues near Rossi’s has been held between borough councillors and officials at County Hall.

The issue was raised originally by Weymouth resident Eddie Farn who complained that as a result of the changes to the lane system pedestrians often found themselves trapped on the island in the middle of the road and subjected to unnecessary fumes from standing traffic.

“There used to be two lanes near the clock but the middle lane has been taken out and pedestrians are left in the middle of the road chocking on fumes,” he told Tuesday’s borough management committee.

Cllr Colin Huckle said that he and Cllr Jon Orrell had met with official about Weymouth traffic problems.

“There are a number of schemes now on the shelf around the town waiting for financing. We are hoping to get a bid into the Coastal Communities Fund and one of these does involve the flow of pedestrians and traffic around King Street and the Esplanade…Mr Farn probably has a point about how this was implemented some years ago.”