NOBODY can accuse Mike Sutton of not having a leg to stand on - he's got hundreds!

While Mr Sutton was having some plumbing work on his new house in King Charles Way, Bridport, workmen took up the cellar floor and found the space packed full - of false legs.

Mr Sutton said: "Well it was something different!

"We have contacted various people and there is an African doctor from Dorset County Hospital who is coming to see us next week to see if they are any good to send to the Third World.

"They are in remarkably good nick and the leather at the top is in good condition. There are loads and loads of them, and crutches and some frames.

"I think perhaps the man who had the house before must have been a bit of a Del Boy character.

"There are so many crammed in it is difficult to see how many there are."