A major maintenance project which has caused disruption to a busy thoroughfare in Weymouth has been delayed for a second time just a month after it restarted.

Disruption from Wessex Water's scheme at Westham Bridge is now set to last until mid-November after Tidal constraints forced the company to put back the completion date until 16 November, slightly later than the estimated October finish date stated last month following the original delays in May.

A Wessex Water spokesman, said: "The scheme had to be delayed in May due to challenging ground conditions and the need to check the structural integrity of the marina wall, with precautionary measures being taken to ensure gas and electricity services in the area wouldn’t be affected.

"This required significantly more detail investigations and liaisons than originally envisaged, to ensure that our activities would not ultimately put the wall and services at risk of failure.

"In addition to the above, the tidal conditions are proving challenging, which has led to some issues with the temporary dam we have in place around the works.

"This is causing some further delays as we have had to repair the dam a couple of times, and are having to alter our working patterns to align with the tides more than we thought we had to.

"We are programmed to complete mid-November but we are still somewhat at the mercy of the marina conditions."

The company is investing £600,000 in the project to improve the stormwater outfall at the marina in order to control flows more effectively.

The firm has taken over much of Westham Bridge with its work compound since the beginning of the year, with many parking spaces on the bridge out of action and pedestrian access restricted.

The bike shelter had to be removed and a lane has been closed on Westwey Road, although temporary lights have not been needed.

Cllr Colin Huckle, borough council briefholder for Transport and Infrastructure, said that the works were "essential" which would ensure that local residents, businesses and visitors reap the benefits from improved water flows for generations to come.

He added that the council were being compensated for use of the council’s land for the Wessex Water’s works compound.

Wessex Water is replacing the existing outfall with a new structure, work which will control stormwater flows more efficiently and reduce the effect of the flows on the marina environment.

The lane closure will remain in place on Westwey Road while the works are taking place.