Two teenagers have been praised for their quick-thinking and kindness after they rushed to the aid of a distressed mother.

Best friends Owen Bailey and Owen Paulley, both aged 13, helped 26-year-old Vicky Walker after her ten-month-old baby Olivia was swept into the water near to the Stone Pier in Weymouth.

Miss Walker said she had been crabbing with her nine-year-old daughter Chloe when the near-tragedy occurred.

“I turned my back to put something in the bin,” Miss Walker said. “A boat came past and created a big wave. The water came up and pulled the pushchair in.”

Miss Walker said she jumped into the water after the infant and managed to pull both herself and little Olivia out but was left so cold and shaken by the incident, she wan unable to move.

“I remember jumping in but I don’t remember getting back out. I was screaming and shouting for help but there wasn’t anyone about. My baby was blue, it was freezing - I couldn’t think to do anything,” she said.

The two Owens, who both attend All Saints School and have been inseparable since they were small, were heading for a typical day of fishing when they spotted Miss Walker, drenched and distressed at the water’s edge.

“We were just walking to our usual spot when we saw this lady with a buggy. She was soaking wet and screaming,” Owen Paulley said.

The two teenagers, along with another passer-by, immediately sprang to her aid.

“They asked if I needed anything - they were both so lovely,” Miss Walker said. “While I was in shock they were both so calm. It made me relax. They were really concerned about the baby. It was mainly her they helped.”

Once the teenagers knew the family was safe, they set about reclaiming Miss Walker’s belongings from the water - using their fishing rods.

“All my baby’s stuff was floating in the harbour. I told them to leave it as I was in such a state but they said ‘no we can help’. They should be proud of themselves. They didn’t have to stop they are just kids themselves,” Miss Walker said.

Miss Walker and Olivia were taken to hospital but fortunately Miss Walker only suffered minor cuts and bruises.

Owen Paulley said: “Everyone keeps asking us what happened but I don’t think it’s a big deal. We both said if we had been there earlier we wouldn’t have hesitated to jump in the water.”

His mum, Andrea Paulley said: “What humbles me is he just didn’t say anything - he didn’t mention it. They have both really played it down. I’m immensely proud of both of them.”

She added the two boys had a trip to Bournemouth Air Show as a reward.

All Saints headteacher Brian Boyes said he was proud the boys had represented the school so well in the wider community and had not hesitated to act.