A CARE home resident born and bred in Bridport has celebrated turning into a centurion.

Jean Tiltman (nee Hutchings) celebrated her hundredth birthday at Whitway House Nursing Home on Wednesday, September 5.

At the time of Jean's birth in 1918, the First World War was in its final few months, Russia was in the midst of a revolution which would shape history for years to come, and women over the age of 30 who met a property criteria were given the vote.

Jean was born in Bridport and spent the majority of her life there, with her family's roots in the town.

Her family owned the Post Office on St Andrew's Road, which was where Jean worked from the age of 14 until she retired.

She married Cyril Tiltman on January, 2 in the 1940s, and the pair both ran the Post Office after Jean's parents retired.

Although daughter Sue Tattershall does not remember the exact year of the marriage, she remembers the date.

Sue said: "We know it is the second of January, as it's a bad day. We remember we tried to organise something for one year which coincided with the new millennium, but nowhere was open."

Apart from a brief period where Cyril was posted in to a different area with the army, both did an awful lot for their local community.

During the Second World War, Jean was an air raid warden in Bridport, helping the residents of St Andrew's Road should the air raid siren go off.

Both were responsible for making sure that hundreds of children in the town could learn to swim, volunteering as trainers and organisers of the Bridport Swimming Club.

Jean at one point was the secretary for the Bridport Ladies Swimming Club, and in 1991, Cyril was named in the Queen's Birthday Honours list and received the British Empire Medal (civil division) for services to Swimming and the Community in Bridport.

Jean also helped at the Bridport League of Friends Coffee shop until her health made it difficult to.

Jean has been in Whitway for the last three and a half years, having previously lived at home on her own following the passing of husband Cyril in 2003.

Daughter Sue used to help Jean with chores around the house, but following a broken hip four years ago, Jean has been residing in the Winterbourne Steepleton home.

On her birthday, Jean was joined by her family, daughter Sue and her husband Phil, as well as other family members and friends.

Reflecting on her mother's birthday, Sue said: "It's an achievement, she's lived in Bridport all her life, it's a bit surreal to me."