KEEN-EYED Portland residents may have spotted this cunning addition to the roundabout in Victoria Square.

The 'Other Stuff' sign is the work of anonymous artist KGB, and is part of b-side visual arts festival.

The festival runs until Sunday: artists to watch out for include Laura Hope who is recreating the legendary Portland Stadium with an incredible soundscape that will echo around the tree-lined bowl where it once stood.

Raphael Daden will be installing an enthralling LED light exhibition around the underground tunnels and caves.

Leni Dothan's Portland pollution rehab centre features 200 Portland stones that have been exposed to pollution in London before returning home to the high angle battery, where they are currently telling a uniquely dark story thanks to specially developed pollution-reactive paint.

Alistair Gentry is giving his tour of 'fake history of Portland' on mobility scooters, including viewing non-existent sites of real interest such as the giant emperor’s head, the O-Void, and Freemasons’ Tower.

Whilst the Portland Promettes combine music, dance, comedy and live art to provide a roving spectacle around some of Portland’s key landmarks.

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