WHILE I agree with much of Mr Prankerd’s letter in Wednesday’s Echo I do not agree with everything written therein.

It is too simple to suggest that everyone over 60 voted to leave and everyone under 30 to remain.

I was 66 at the time of the referendum and yes I did vote to leave, for reasons not germane to this letter.

But I know that many, probably most of my peers deferred to their children and grandchildren how to vote and I am sure that happened countrywide. Similarly many under 30 voted to leave.

It is argued that we should hold a second referendum.

What if it produces the same result?

Or a hung result.

What then? Nothing is certain.

Personally I believe that the referendum was a mistake. I have always thought that if our PMs had been tougher with the EU it would not have come to this, but it has.

I also believe that the minute the referendum was called our relationship with the EU was going to change.

If we had voted to stay, then every time our PM objected to an EU proposal or some piece of legislation, or requested some sort of concession then that result would have been used to undermine his or her argument. “But the people of the UK voted to be part of the EU did they not?”

If we go back now with our tails between our legs do you suppose all sins will be forgiven? I think not.

Any authority/clout we may have had before will disappear and we will become no more than a servile cash cow.

The country did not vote to remain in the EU, it voted leave, and it sickens me to know that rather than get behind that decision and try their hardest get the best deal for all of us, leavers and Remainers alike our leaders, not just political, have descended into partisan camps of self-interest. Heaven help all of us.

Steve Millin

Dorchester Road