Plans for the Weymouth peninsula development will progress – despite calls to go back to the drawing board.   

Councilors and co-opted members of the Harbour Management Board committee voted this evening (14) to support the progression of plans for Weymouth peninsula. 

Strategic director Martin Hamilton said, if moved forward, the project would be progressed in two phases.  

The first phase would involve the ‘accommodation offer’ at the front end of the site which included a 100-bed hotel, a pub/diner with rooms, a small café, harbour developments and the upgrading services  

The second phase would see the development of restaurants and leisure units towards the back of the site.    

However, several members raised concerns about the plans claiming the hotel and leisure facilities were not right for the site.  

Cllr Kate Wheller said the borough did not need to create more jobs for "chamber-maids and bar staff" but needed to attract "quality employment."    

Mr Hamilton said the plans currently were just an 'outline design' and at this stage all that was being sought was the support of the board to progress the plans.    

Cllr Christine James sais she believed the council should go back to a "blank canvas."

"As members we should have input in to the design – we have had no input,” she said.     

The board voted in favour of the recommendations which will now go before the full council.